We counsel a wide range of clients, from sole proprietors and entrepreneurs through public companies, on a variety of business matters.  We understand that it is crucial to be able to balance the need to properly document a transaction and to protect our client’s interests with the practical realities of getting a deal done.  Our years of experience means that we are able to bring large law firm experience and practical business judgment when working on deals for our clients​​

Business Formation

We understand that starting a business is a very exciting endeavor and we are here to support those efforts.   We regularly advise our clients on all matters relating to business formation, often beginning with the decision of which type of entity to form.  In some circumstances it may not be necessary to form an entity and a business may be better suited to operating as a sole proprietorship.

Which of these forms is right for a business will depend on a variety of factors including protection from liability to third parties, taxes, simplicity of use, predictability, and the need to raise money. We assist new businesses in making the right choice by presenting the relative pros and cons of the various alternatives.   Once a decision is made as to corporate form, we are happy to assist with completion of the relevant corporate documents and applicable state filings.

Ongoing General Advice

Once the business is up and running, we provide a variety of outside general counsel services, including advising the company on legal matters related to their business strategy and operations; advising on the rights, liabilities and duties of officers, directors, and members; registering copyrights and trademarks; drafting and reviewing commercial contracts; preparing term sheets, subscription agreements and private placement memoranda; preparing privacy policies and terms of use; licensing technology; obtaining necessary licenses, permits and registrations; assisting with regulatory compliance issues; and resolving disputes.


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